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  • Bachelor of Psychological Science

  • Honours of Psychological Science

  • Masters of Psychology (Counselling)

​​Janelle Corlass-Brown is the Director of iPsychology and a passionate registered Counselling Psychologist. She emphasises the importance of the therapeutic relationship and draws from Interpersonal, Cognitive, Behavioural, Narrative, Client-Centred, Trauma-informed and Emotion-Focussed approaches, viewing each client as unique in their experience and needs.

For over ten years she has worked with children, adolescents and adults and families in educational, private, hospital and community settings. Janelle thoroughly enjoys working with clients experiencing anxiety, depression, relationship/life stress, grief/loss, parenting and behavioural issues, and those who have experienced trauma and abuse. Janelle is also a Psychology Board of Australia approved Supervisor and values the opportunity to support other Psychologists and mental health clinicians in providing services to the community.


Creating a safe therapeutic environment, Janelle works with clients new to therapy and those wanting to work on a deeper therapeutic level, with client’s describing her as authentic and nurturing. She is passionate about assisting her clients on a pathway of true healing, supporting them as whole and capable individuals, not simply a cluster of symptoms.

Janelle Corlass-Brown


Georgia-May Parker

  • Bachelor of Arts (Psychology and Forensic Science)

  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology) (Honours)

  • Master of Professional Psychology


Georgia-May Parker works with kids, young people, adults and families and is an approachable, energetic, and engaging fully registered Psychologist. She has a keen interest in really getting to know her clients, and working to understand their underlying issues that fuel ongoing stress.

Her career has been in both private and school settings and with individual and group therapy. She has particular experience working with clients experiencing anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, bullying (school and workplace), ADHD, stress adjustment difficulties and sexuality exploration.


Having had and continuing supervision with supervisors specializing in child psychology and psychiatry, she brings both a clinical and passionate perspective to the iPsychology therapy room.

Olivia Syposs

  • Bachelor of Psychological Sciences

  • Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Advanced)


Olivia Syposs is a provisionally registered Psychologist with experience in working with young people and adults across a range of issues including anxiety, depression, addiction and stress/adjustment issues as well as providing support to those with lived trauma, abuse, grief and loss.


She has previously worked in a rehabilitation centre where she supported clients affected with a range of substance abuse disorders in addition to their families.


Olivia is passionate about empowering her clients to identify and overcome the hurdles in their lives to encourage positive changes and improve quality of living. She works collaboratively with her clients to make the appropriate choices and to utilise the skills to drive change in a friendly, supportive environment.

Sabrina Orlandea

  • Bachelor of Science (Psychology and Physiology)

  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Psychology)

  • Master of Professional Psychology


Sabrina is a fully-registered psychologist with experience working with individuals affected by substance use and gambling addictions, at-risk youth, and in the fields of loss/grief and eating disorders. 


She has had the opportunity to work across a number of organisations including government-based settings offering telephone and online counselling, school settings where she completed assessments and interventions, and community outreach programs where she worked across both the individual and group level. 


With sport having played a significant role in her life, she has a special interest in working in the area of mental health and physical health, holding a strong appreciation for the reciprocal relationship between the two. Ultimately, she seeks to create a sense of hope and comfort in her clients and provide a platform where every individual can feel supported and equal.

Louise Moncur

  • Bachelor of Arts (Majoring in Psychology)

  • Graduate Diploma of Professional Psychology

  • Master of Professional Psychology

  • Master of Psychology (Clinical Psychology)

Louise is a provisionally registered Psychologist currently completing her Master of Psychology (Clinical Psychology). She has a diverse professional background counselling within the disability, employment, and community mental health sectors. She adopts a person-centred, collaborative, trauma-informed, schema- and strengths-based therapeutic approach, and recognises the value of sound care coordination. Louise’s experience in mental health outreach and residential support, and in group facilitation in psychiatric facilities in Indonesia, has been invaluable in informing her therapeutic work. 


At the core of Louise's professional practice is appreciation for the transformational role of the therapeutic alliance and increased self-awareness not only within her clients, but also within herself. As such, she is committed to ongoing self-development in her work with adults and teenagers experiencing anxiety, trauma and domestic violence, depression, personality disorders and stress.

Jason Tan

  • Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)

  • Doctor of Clinical Psychology / Master of Science


Jason Tan is a clinical psychologist who has practiced for over ten years in a variety of public and private settings; including community, acute inpatient, private psychiatric hospitals, and multidisciplinary medical practices. He is a Psychology Board of Australia approved supervisor and has provided clinical supervision to dozens of provisional psychologists and clinical psychology registrars.


Jason specialises in the treatment of anxiety, depressive and substance-related disorders in older adolescents and adults. He also treats clients with borderline personality disorder, psychotic and bipolar disorders, chronic pain, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. He uses a number of evidence-based psychological therapies, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, and Schema Therapy.


Clients describe Jason as warm, genuine and empathic. He works collaboratively with clients to help them understand their psychological problems, how they developed, and how to overcome them. He uses a structured approach to therapy, so that clients leave each session with practical skills and strategies to practise and use.

Esin Toprak

  • Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours)                

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy          

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Psychodynamics of Human Development

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Evidence-based Psychological Treatment

  • Magister Artium (MA) in Educational Studies, Psychology & Sociology

  • Master of Applied Psychology (Clinical Psychology)


Esin Toprak is a provisionally registered trilingual Psychologist with over a decade of experience in working therapeutically with people across various mental health settings in Nuremberg, London and Melbourne. She has worked extensively with people who have suffered from anxiety and depression, relationship and family issues, family violence, and difficulties with life transitions.


Esin has been working as Specialist Counsellor for 1800 Respect line, which is a national sexual assault, domestic family violence counselling service. She is experienced working with traumatized client groups such as survivors or victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and torture.


Esin has particular interest in the area of trauma. She uses a person-centred, trauma-informed and strengths-based approach to address the unique needs of each individual in a safe and trusting environment.

Our Culture

We practice what we preach in many ways at iPsychology. Our team catch ups are all about connecting, reflecting, and enjoying ourselves and each other. We value our own mental health and each of us have been in the client chair. We encourage our Psychologists to take regular breaks from the therapy room and enjoy being ‘ourselves’ as well as Psych’s. We get regular exercise, eat reasonably well (as Mindfulness can be done with chocolate!) and have regular catch ups. We might be seen at local restaurants having a laugh, walking along the beach or the lovely streets of Chelsea Heights.


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