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Therapy at iPsychology

"We consider therapy like a Brain Gym.... there can be reasons to do a 'workout' during distress

or we can proactively 'work out' to understand self, others and relationships, and your experience in this world" ​

For most types of psychotherapy, your psychologist will invite you to talk about your thoughts and feelings and what’s troubling you. Our Psychologists will provide you with exceptional care, support and a holistic approach to therapy which is grounded in evidence-based interventions. 

Psychotherapy sometimes involves intense emotional discussions, you may find yourself crying, upset or even having an angry outburst during a session. Some people may feel physically and emotionally exhausted after a session. Your psychologist is there to help you cope with these emotions.


At iPsychology we strive to:

  • Provide a welcoming and nourishing space for individuals and families to work towards wellness

  • Treat the whole person rather than focus on diagnosis

  • Create meaningful and purposeful therapeutic relationships with our clients and the wider community


If we do not have a psychologist with experience in working with your issue, we will help you find one that does.


Some of the reasons people come to us:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Stress

  • Grief and loss

  • Trauma

  • Abuse (sexual, emotional, physical and neglect)

  • Relationships and relational difficulties (and wellness)

  • Sleep problems and insomnia

  • Weight management

  • Self-esteem, identity, and confidence

  • Life transitions

  • Anger-management

  • Personal or professional exploration or development

  • Chronic health issues

  • Phobias and OCD

  • Work-life balance

  • Eating issues


Our psychologists are registered with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Board (AHPRA) and some are Endorsed in an area of Specialisation.  Fully registered psychologists have a minimum of 6 years of academic and supervised practice, giving you the confidence that you will receive the highest standard of service using evidence-based approaches. Our team have been carefully chosen to fit our practice culture of being open-minded, warm, professional, friendly, and down-to-earth.


The iPsychology team is passionate about our clients’ well-being and extending our knowledge and skills to make a positive difference to our communities’ experience in the world.

  • Panic

  • Brain injury rehabilitation

  • Sexual health, sexuality and gender identity affirmation

  • Addictions and substance use concerns

  • Pregnancy, parenting and attachment

  • Post-natal mental health (Post-natal depression in mothers and fathers)

  • Emotional, social & behavioural concerns in children

  • Bullying (workplace or school)

  • ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Sensory difficulties and disorders

  • Chronic pain management

  • Domestic/Family violence and abuse

  • Personality disorders

  • Family separation

  • Academic stress

  • Childhood issues

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